The only way to stand out in today’s crowded web where ANYONE can pose as a wellness expert is creating high value content.

We provide high value done-for-you health and wellness content for your
website/blog for every wellness dimension to help you save both time and money!

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • You promise yourself and your readers that you’d publish more often and really try to keep to your words but are genuinely busy.

  • You create content but not as fast as you need it and would like ready made contents to publish when you can’t meet up with your posting schedule.

  • You want to publish high value content and build a regular posting schedule but have regular bouts of blogger’s burn out.

  • You do not know what to write about or can’t write well and can’t afford to hire someone.

  • You are stressed and need a break from everything but know that you need a steady stream of quality contents to keep your readers engaged while you take a break.

  • You need a content upgrade or freebie you can use as bait to get subscribers.

We get it.

Consistent high value content creation isn’t easy. Coming up with a steady stream of blog post ideas is hard enough talk more of writing everything out or creating info products. It’s even worse when you are a solopreneur and don’t have as much time on your hands as you would like.

What If You Could. . .

  • Get high value content to publish on your blog as your own?

  • Get a content upgrade or freebie that you can brand as your own and offer your subscribers?

  • Save time and stop worrying about what to publish on your blog?

  • Beat blogger’s burnout and still consistently publish articles when due?

  • Go on vacation and actually relax without the guilt of leaving your readers hanging?

  • Focus on other areas of growing your wellness blog/business and still have a waiting list of articles to publish?

  • Save time and stop obsessing over writing a blog post when you should be resting?

  • Get content to use in your newsletter/email opt-in freebie to provide high value and thought provoking contents for your subscribers?

  • Build your authority as a wellness blogger so much that brands are impressed and want to work with you more often?

Sounds good right?

Get high value done-for-you health and wellness contents for your site/blog for every wellness dimension and save both time and money!

Our done-for-you contents are not only for those who never have time to create content on their blog. They are also for you even if you publish your own content. They can always AUGMENT FOR THOSE TIMES WHEN YOU CAN’T MEET UP WITH YOUR POSTING SCHEDULE.

Our done-for-you wellness contents include:

  • Articles/blog posts: In depth PLR articles/posts that you tweak and publish as your own.

  • Autoresponders: An email series that you can use as a challenge to help your subscribers achieve something or lead to your end goal e.g. your paid product.

  • Templates: Ready made templates that you can plug your text/images and brand as your own. Our template options include ebook, workbook, checklist templates etc

Why US?

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider getting wellness contents from us.

Expertly Written and Research Backed Articles

We are a team of wellness professionals that have recognized the alarming rate at which untrue information is published on the web. Instead of complaining about it all, we decided to take action and help other wellness bloggers research to find out the truth and give them this information to help them spread CURRENT and TRUE information.

We Provide In-depth Articles and Valuable Info-products.

All our articles are in-depth and give you UNLIMITED FLEXIBILITY. You can take out an entire section and still have enough content left to publish or make it into two complementing blog posts. Either ways, you will still provide maximum value.

We Design Templates That Work And Convert.

No need to go through the process of creating an ebook or workbook from scratch for every info-product or spend your hard earned money on a designer every time. Get one of our templates and plug in your contents multiple times.

We Are Giving You Ownership Rights.

Yes, you read right. We weren’t kidding when we said it is done-for-you! You are permitted to publish any done-for-you content you purchase as your own without giving us credit. This is the best deal you can get ANYWHERE. All you have to do is tweak it and publish as your own! Don’t know how to tweak an article? Use our comprehensive guide.

We Are Committed To Helping Other Wellness Bloggers.

The whole essence of having a wellness blogging basics category on our holistic wellness blog is because we are committed to helping wellness bloggers develop ways to combat blogging hurdles. Our done-for-you content is just one way to prevent inconsistency and the effects of bloggers burnt out.

We Are Concerned About Your Wellness.

Some bloggers spend up to 18 hours sitting, writing, researching or editing. While some of them have successful blogging carriers, it takes its toll on their physical health, mental health and relationships. We don’t want that for you and since we already have experience with blogging, we decide to help you get time to rest and do other things while your “junk money” works for you because your holistic health is paramount. You have to be wholly well to maximally enjoy the fruits of your labour.

We Help You Save Time and Money.

Imagine the time it would take to come up with a relevant topic, research it, write it out and edit it OR the time it will take you to create an aesthetically pleasing printable workbook/ebook that is so valuable that subscribers are signing up to get a copy. We help you save both time and money. If you were to hire a ghost writer to write an article for you or a graphic designer to design your ebook, they would charge so much more, but we give our contents for only a fraction of the cost.

Let’s look at some TRUE FACTS that are NOT SO SOOTHING

  • Your readers probably DON’T CARE how many hours it takes you to create high value contents. They ONLY CARE about finding solutions to their problems and answers to their questions.

  • It will cost you a lot to hire a ghost writer or graphic designer

  • Some bloggers decide to create content by themselves, disappoint their readers when they are unable to keep up with a regular posting schedule and ultimately give up.

  • Many bloggers purchase articles and are required to give credit to its original writer. That isn’t soothing especially when you have tweaked it. It is a lot worse when you purchase dozens of articles and they all have another person’s name on it. Although it is legal, it feels like YOU ARE PAYING SOMEONE TO HELP THEM BUILD THEIR BUSINESS!

  • Some bloggers outsource ebook or workbook template creation to graphic designers every time they have a new content upgrade and they pay.

  • A good number of bloggers currently hire ghost writers and even pay per hour. Some of them don’t want you to know. That’s how they stay consistent!

Here’s What We Want To Help You Do Instead

  • We want to take the burden of creating high value content from scratch away from you, so we have put in hours and done the research to create contents that you can comfortably use!

  • We don’t want you to spend so much for a ghost writer or graphic designer that may not deliver on time. We want you to have your content immediately!

  • We want to help you completely cut out those awkward blog posts/emails where you have to apologise to your readers for abandoning your blog and promise them great content only to disappear and disappoint them again.

  • We want you to have an opt-in bait to get new subscribers.

  • We want you to tweak our contents and become the author. We don’t want anyone to know we created them because when you are done tweaking it will be as good as new!

  • We want to provide templates that you can rinse and use multiple times and not have to hire a designer every time.

  • We want to take the burden of writing high value articles off your shoulders even if you are not a big blogger or can’t per pay hour.

Ultimately, we want to help you build the “LIKE, KNOW and TRUST” factor with your readers!

We hope you know that getting done-for-you content doesn’t mean you are no longer in control of your blog. Instead, it gives you more time to concentrate on building other aspects of your business!

 With our prices starting at NGN 1,000 ($3) our contents are already super affordable BUT we want to make them EVEN MORE AFFORDABLE!

We have periodic coupon codes to make your purchase even more affordable

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We are legit handing you back several hours of your life at an unusual DISCOUNT!

Here Is What Happens When You Ignore The Need For Consistent High Value Content

  • You will lose readers because no one likes cricket squeaks or cobwebs from an abandoned/no low value blog.

  • You will not provide as much value as your competitors and your subscribers (if any) will find better options.

  • You will lose readers and subscribers because people need solutions and they’ll find them else where.

  • You will lose current and prospective paying clients because you will seem unreliable.

  • You’ll not grow your blog this way and things can only go downhill (your income will be affected negatively).

  • Your opt-in box will be boring and unattractive.

I’m sure none of this was part of your plan when you started your wellness blog and I hope that you understand that you CAN’T do it all alone and it is okay to OUTSOURCE SOME TASKS.


Why? BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT EVERYONE TO HAVE THEM! Our contents are sold with private label rights; which means we can sell to as many people as possible BUT we have chosen to sell our articles to a maximum of 20 people (the least you can find ANYWHERE) and after that we retire them FOREVER.

Worried about SEO? Here’s why you shouldn’t be!

We highly recommend that every one tweaks their articles using our uber useful guide. When you follow the rules in our guide, we guarantee that your content will be 100% unique to you because, it is highly unlikely that someone else will pick out the same articles, tweak it using exactly the same title and headings, add the same photos, have the same personal story/touch, write the same call to action and want the same length as you.


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  • All information you need make your experience better (you’ll be the first to know about special deals).

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Our own none PLR products such as planners/printable sheets and other special info products to help you live well and blog well are also available!

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

I am not a wellness blogger but will like to purchase some articles for my blog. How do I make this work?

Our primary aim is to cater for wellness bloggers but we do not turn away bloggers from other niches. You can purchase almost anything and tweak it to suit your niche.
For example: if you are a travel blogger and purchase an article about frugality, you can tweak it to something like “how to save for a well deserved vacation”. If you purchase a health based article about say “the Importance of medical check up”, you can tweak it to “medical check up you should do to make sure you are healthy throughout your vacation”.

I haven’t seen any topic I am interested in and will like a specific topic written for me to publish as my own, do you offer this service?

Sure. What you want is our custom writing service. Contact Us and we’d make an arrangement.

What if you don’t have any article I am interested in?

That doesn’t happen often. We have specific wellness categories we write about and these articles can be tweaked to suit any wellness niche basically.
If you still do not find what you are looking for, contact us and we will look at possible topics you’d want to see on the site.

Do I have to wait until I need an article or content cheat sheet before purchasing one?

No. We do not encourage this as your ideal article may not be available when you need it. In fact, we recommend that you grab any article you like as soon as it is up and use it at your own time, that way; you will always have a bank of quality articles to fall back on when life happens.

What if I have more questions?

Please Contact Us and we will reply within 2 business days.

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